My memories of Akihabara Volks Hobby Heaven 1

Volks Hobby Heaven 1 was a hobby store located just outside JR Akihabara Station on Chuo-dori. It was regrettably closed in May 2021 (although it was only moved to the Chuo-dori side).
It was located right around the time we left the station onto Chuo-dori. I used to drop by there on my way home from shopping, so it was a store with deep memories.

Especially, since they often had anime collaboration events, I took pictures of panels and goods lined up in front of the store.
It would be a shame to leave it as hard disk fodder. I am posting them here.

The Demon Girl Next Door, 2019/10

A pop-up store was held in the event space on the 7th floor. I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't take a picture of the inside of the store, but only this sign. Shamiko's bikini is very powerful.

Girls' Last Tour 2019/12

A panel of Tito, Yuri, and their beloved car, the Kettenkrath.
The work had a controversial ending with hidden meaning, as the anime and the original story were completed simultaneously. What will the girls, born in a post-civilization world, think amidst the noise and bustle of Akihabara?

Guru Camp 2020/10

Laid-Back Camp collaboration event. Guru Camp means group camp. It is said to have evolved through Heya (room) Camp (2018) → Niwa (garden) Camp (2019). It features a cute character with a slightly more déformer than the originals.

Kill Me Baby 2021/02

New costumes with Kill Me Baby anime character design. When placed and viewed in the real world, they look especially chibi (and cute). Holding an event for a nearly 10-year-old anime shows the deep-rooted popularity and persistence of KillMe-ists (?).

My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected 2021/03

Commemorative event to celebrate the completion of the "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected" (aka "Oregairu") novel.
The pin-up is too sexy for the main story.