【[Pokémon SV] Tinkaton vs Corviknight: background consideration

New Fairy Type Tinkaton, popular in Pokémon SV, has an interesting description in Pokédex.

This intelligent Pokémon has a very daring disposition. It knocks rocks into the sky with its hammer, aiming for flying Corviknight.

Pokédex, Pokémon Scarlet

The hammer tops 220 pounds, yet it gets swung around easily by Tinkaton as it steals whatever it pleases and carries its plunder back home.

Pokédex, Pokémon Violet

Well, it is indeed a daring episode (whether or not it is intelligent).。 If you look closely at the graphics, the decanuchan's deca-hammer looks like it was made by piecing together gold scraps.
Don't tell me they are re-hammering the pieces of metal they stripped from Corviknights they attacked!

Figure: Imaginary view of Tinkaton aiming at Corviknight with a rock (collage from official illustration).

Incidentally, there is also a description on Corviknight side that seems to be related to this.

Corviknight can’t serve as a taxi service in Paldea because the Pokémon’s natural predators will attack it while it flies, endangering the customer.

Pokédex, Pokémon Violet
The "natural predator" is not named, but it seems to be Tinkaton (lol).
It is fortunate for Galar taxi operators that no Tinkatons have yet been brought into Galar.
In the unlikely event that a future remake of the Sword and Shield will cause Tinkaton to appear in Galar, what will happen to the Corviknight taxi ......?

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